Smart Oil Intelligence

Cloud Based Condition Monitoring

A Platform for Intelligent Condition Monitoring.

Smart Oil Intelligence

The Smart Oil Intelligence is an Integrated IIoT Assembly with SFS-1 Particle Monitor, SFS H2 O – Relative Humidity Sensor, Integrated Flow Control Valve Optimizing Flow to the Particle Monitor and Integrated Gauge Pressure Port & Sampling Port connected to the Smart-IIoT cloud-based condition monitoring platform. 

Smart Oil Intelligence uses SFS-1 Particle Monitor along with a series of in-line sensors for continuous determination of the oil condition, humidity and temperature in hydraulic and lubricating oils.

Smart-IIoT provides insights into the fluid cleanliness and monitors filter pressure drop data from any location, to ensure greater process and operational uptime for higher productivity. It takes the guesswork out of your maintenance planning and helps prevent unexpected downtime.

Smart Oil Intelligence Specs