SFS Level Sensor

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SFS Level Sensor

SFS Level Sensor is a stationary screw-in sensor for continuous determination of the oil condition, humidity and temperature in hydraulic and lubricating oils as well as measuring the fluid level.


Measurement of changes in hydraulic fluids and lubricants. Data is continuously documented, evaluated and stored. In that way deterioration and changes in the oil (e.g. water inleakage, oil change, …) can be indicated. Through this, damage can be recognized or completely avoided at an early stage. This offers the opportunity to prevent machine failures as well as to prolong maintenance and oil change intervals by means of appropriate measures. Furthermore, by monitoring the lubricant, correctly performed maintenance work and the use of the required lubricant quality may be documented.

Measurement Principles:

SFS Level Sensor records the following different physical oil characteristics as well as its periodic change: Temperature, relative oil humidity and water activity, relative dielectric number (relative permittivity), conductivity of the fluid and fluid level respectively. As especially the conductivity and the relative dielectric number show a strong connection to the temperature, next to the characteristic values at current temperature the sensor also sends the data at reference temperature (40 °C / 104 °F). The sensor is able to evaluate condition changes automatically.

Design Characteristics:

SFS Level Sensor is provided with a G¾ thread and can be integrated in the tank. The sensor that measures the oil parameters is at the end of the lance. This ensures that the sensor element is always fully immersed and the oil parameters and their changes may be correctly defined. Above the sensor element there is a special level transducer by which the filling level can be determined. Communication with the sensor either takes place over a serial RS 232 interface, two analogue outputs (4 … 20 mA) or CANopen. In order to also enable a long-term record of data up to half a year, the sensor is provided with an internal data storage unit