SFS Ferro Sensor

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SFS Ferro Sensor

The SFS Ferro is an intelligent sensor for determination of the condition of hydraulic and lubricating systems based on ferromagnetic wear particles. The sensor is a screw-in / immersion sensor and is designed for continuous monitoring of ferromagnetic contamination in oil.


The SFS Ferro Sensor measures the wear of mechanical components by detecting ferromagnetic particles. The number of particles is continuously recorded and evaluated by an inductive measuring principle. Transfer is effected via digital and analogue interface. Recognition of wear and damage at an early stage allows planning of servicing measures and machine failures can be minimized.

Measurement Principles:

The SFS Ferro Sensor records the number of ferromagnetic particles accumulating at the permanent magnet at the sensor head. In this regard, the sensor can distinguish between fine particles in the micrometer range and coarse ferromagnetic fragments in the millimeter range. According to the output signal of 0 … 100% the distribution of ferromagnetic particles at the sensor surface can be read off. Furthermore, the sensor may compensate the magnetic field of the permanent magnet, whereupon the particles are released from the sensor head (automatic cleaning process). With the time intervals between two cleaning processes, a change in wear can be assumed.

Design Characteristics:

The SFS Ferro Sensor is provided with a G1“ thread and can directly be integrated in a gearbox or in the lubricating circuit. The communication with the sensor either takes place over a serial RS 232 interface, CAN (CANopen or SAE J1939) or via an analog output (4 … 20mA).