A Platform for
Intelligent Condition Monitoring

Smart Filtration Solutions offers its Smart-IIoT cloud-based condition monitoring platform to elevate fluid monitoring to next-level capability as it benefits from the availability and effectiveness of internet-connected devices in the business environment.

Fluid contamination is the number one culprit of equipment failure – even the most microscopic particles can eventually grind a machine to a halt. Such chain reactions often render operating budgets inoperable thanks to unplanned maintenance and downtime.

Smart-IIoT provides continuous monitoring of diesel, lubricants, and fluids which raises preventive and predictive maintenance to a higher level by overcoming the limitations of manual fluid sampling providing early warning signs that can be detected well before failure becomes imminent.

A Safe, Reliable & Trustworthy
IIoT Solution

Smart-IIoT provides a cloud-based online, on-demand monitoring that minimizes wait and risk of data inaccuracy. Smart Fuel Intelligence & Smart Oil Intelligence with SFS-1 Particle Monitor along with many other sensors connected to the Smart-IIoT cloud-based condition monitoring platform eliminates the human element and middlemen. This greatly helps to see and solve problems before they become too large to manage. 

Smart-IIoT cloud-based condition monitoring platform provides a bank of real-time data that can be paired with various software to help analyze and evaluate potential issues before they arise. SFS-1 Particle Monitor along with many other sensors reports the slightest change in fluid properties that enables our customers to investigate and make corrections before these variations balloon into large and expensive maintenance challenges.

Continuous Monitoring of
Diesel & Lubricants

The early identification of a rising trend in particle contamination with SFS-1 Particle Monitor can help prevent turning it into a much bigger problem. The combination of having constant fluid cleanliness data with early alerts when cleanliness levels start veering from preset minimum targets could help prevent catastrophic failure and enhance targeted output, performance, and efficiencies.

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