Smart Digital Pressure Gauge

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Smart Digital Pressure Gauge

Smart Digital Pressure Gauge is an economical digital pressure transmitter with a built-in high-precision pressure sensor, which can accurately display the pressure in real-time and transmit the pressure signal via a 4-20mA output signal with high accuracy and longterm stability. This remote transmission pressure gauge adopts an LCD display, with multiple functions such as unit switching, zero calibration, full-scale correction, etc., simple operation, and convenient installation.


Measuring range

Pressure type

Overload pressure

Accuracy grade

Long-term stability

Power supply

Output signal

Load impedance

Operation temperature

Display screen

Case material

Connection material

Enclosure protection class


0~10 Bar

gauge pressure, negative gauge pressure

<10MPa 200%; ≥10MPa 150%

0.5% FS

0.5% FS/year

12-28VDC (24VDC)




4-digits LCD display

304 stainless steel

304 SS

Plug-in type(IP65); cable type(IP67)

Approx 0.30kg