Electronic Dual Differential Pressure Switch

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Pressure Switch

The Smart-IIOT Electronic Dual Differential Pressure Switch is designed for filtration-system applications with differential pressure ranges as high as 500 psid and a maximum common pressure of 2,500 psi. This differential pressure switch offers transmitter functionality by supplying analogue output signals of 0-10 VDC and 4-20 mA, and it is fieldselectable when required. Users can adjust the full-scale output to as low as 25 per cent of FSO during installation, which boosts flexibility and decreases the need to stock multiple pressure ranges.


☁ Measuring Range: Differential: 0 – 500 Psid

☁ Enclosure Rating: Type 4X (IP65) / Type 6 (IP67)

☁ Two Switch Points

☁ 0.50% Accuracy

☁ Analog Output 4 – 20 mA or 0 – 10 V

☁ Superior EMI Protection

☁ Display & Electronic Connection: Rotatable by 320°

☁ Simple Navigation Menu

☁ IO-Link Digital Communication Interface

☁ Hydraulic and Pneumatic Compatible

Among the device’s features is a large, aesthetically pleasing, 14segment, LED-angled display that enables clear readability of the process pressure from multiple viewing angles. The built-in mounting holes make it easy to install this differential pressure switch in various orientations to fit any system needs. Even if the user has to mount it upside-down, the internal software can rotate its display by 180 degrees, and installation is very simple due to the 320-degree-rotatable electrical connection and display housing. This lowers installation costs and makes installation and location more versatile.